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Book review! – Dark Black by Jessica Germaine 

When my wonderful husband and I were in Savannah we meet a lovely young author called Jessica Germaine…

It was a very windy day… 

Now I love reading and I especially love reading new books from people I can actually talk to, so to come across Jessica whilst walking along the riverfront was great!

She is (ok this is a first impression as we only met the once! But in my experience first impressions are usually correct 😊) a very genuine, lovely young woman with a totally adorable daughter!

It takes a lot to set out your stall and sell your own work, I’ve done it myself so many times selling my art and it can be demoralising when people look at your work and walk away saying things like “well I don’t like the look of that” whilst still in earshot! Just rude!

So when I see someone starting out and obviously passionate about their art I make an effort to talk to them and if I’m intrigued/interested I will buy their work… Jessica totally fitted the bill!

I bought a copy of Dark Black (which Jessica kindly signed) and on a plane in July started to read…

Before meeting Jessica I had no idea ‘urban street’ was a genre. I’m a big reader and i had never heard of an Urban Street Novel – ever. It is possible that we don’t have the same branding of genres in the U.K…

Anyway I start to read…

Initially I was a little put off by the introduction being written in capitals, I can’t get away from the image of someone shouting at me! 

Also the type setting of the book is similar to a poetry book with the writing in the center of the page with large gaps either side – I know, I’m being picky, however I have since learnt that Jessica originally started writing lyrics and poetry which fits with that style 😊

I start the main novel and I have to say it took some getting into, again this had nothing to do with the novel and more about me, as a middle aged British woman… 

It’s written in what I assume is street language and to be honest a lot of the time in the first few chapters I had no idea what the characters were saying!! It’s also a little on the racy side but appropriately so for the story. It made it ‘real’ – once I got over my middle aged British woman thing, or should I say ‘tang’ – and I apologise if I got that wrong!!

I’m not going to say any more about the story – you need to read that yourself… a very brief synopsis (courtesy of goodreads) is as follows…

Charlytte Black is young girl who runs away at age fifteen, trying to escape her abusive Aunt JoAnne. In the streets, she struggles to survive on her own and does whatever it takes to make sure she never has to return home. Ever.

Once I got into the language and stopped trying to correct the spelling – again that was an English to American thing, way too many ‘z’s!!! 

I really enjoyed the book, it’s not like anything I have read before and had we not met Jessica it’s not something I would’ve picked up. It was refreshing and I loved the way she brought everything together which made for a very satisfying ending. There’s nothing worse than a book that leaves you dangling! 

This book leaves you with a message that will hopefully inspire young girls who think there is nowhere to turn that actually with some hard work, determination and learning to accept help that there is always a different path.

Would I recommend Dark Black? Totally! And I will look out for Jessica’s next books too 😊

5 thoughts on “Book review! – Dark Black by Jessica Germaine 

    1. Let me know what you think of it, it took me ages to understand but then it isn’t anything I’d normally read! Sometimes it’s good to go outside your comfort zone! 😊


  1. Hello. Jessica Germaine here. I have read your review and it has been the most interesting one here to date. I really appreciate your honesty and I love that you were open-minded to read it and even enjoy it. Thank you so much for your blog! I’m so glad you liked it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jessica! So nice to hear from you 😊 it was lovely to be able to meet you, you’ve opened my eyes to a new genre! Keep writing and I will be keeping an eye out for your work 😊


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