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Bodyboss - cycle 3, week 8 – still with a wall but I’m trying to scale it!!

This is tougher than Toughy McTough on a tough day!!!

But I am soldiering on in true British style, there have been several strong cups of tea required this week, a small weep and the saviour – a pool! I will explain…

This is the picture that greeted me this week – after last week I was tempted to go back a cycle…

Don’t get me wrong, this is inspirational, however I didn’t look like that in my teens, so my mojo is still not quite on track. 

But then I had a little ‘chat’ with myself, at the end of the day I’m 46, I’m never going to look like I’m in my teens again – I’m dammed sure I didn’t appreciate it at the time! 

I dug out a photo of me aged 17 to prove to myself that actually I was ‘ok’ and realistically I am actually ‘ok’ now, I just need a rather overdue tune-up…

Me at 17, behind the scenes of a production of ‘once a catholic’ waiting for my cue…

It was quite a good show even though I had the worst line EVER “you will still respect me in the morning, won’t you Cuthbert?” I still cringe at the thought of saying that with my dad sat happily in the audience!! 

So on reflection I need to pull my socks up, get a grip and get on with it!

Monday – legs and booty (this used to be my favourite day…)

Ok I’ve done a long day at the office and I don’t want to exercise. So much for my pep talk. I phaff about until my wonderful (I wasn’t quite thinking that at the time) husband told me to jolly we’ll get on with it as tea wouldn’t be ready until I was finished! Food, unfortunately, is always a good motivator – it was a healthy tea so that’s ok! 

Oh my goodness… most of the exercises I can do to be fair, I just seem to have zero energy… I have to say ‘single leg glute bridges’ are as horrific as they sound… I do normal ski Moguls rather than ones on a box as I don’t have a box and if I did I’d probably have an accident!

I do three sets as required, they take 9.5 minutes rather than 8 and that’s with only managing 30 squat cross jumps and 20 squats with front kick… I am not impressed with myself… I have two strong cups of tea to rebalance – I’m sure most of you would think this is herbal to balance my inner energy, it’s not, it’s proper Yorkshire tea strong enough to stand a spoon in. I am reasonably good and don’t add sugar (I really want to add sugar, really).

Tuesday – yoga day, my new favourite day, and breathe…

My wonderful husband has picked today’s class, it’s the beginner one for back pain (I have a little smile to myself that he’s finally realised that the beginner class is the best place to start).

It’s lovely, we have a none challenging, really good stretch courtesy of ‘yoga with Adrienne’ she had a new studio space – I don’t know how old the class was but it looked a lovely space 😊

Wednesday Thursday – arms, abs and core.

Yes I know, Wednesday turned out to be a bit of a disaster. I knew I had a hair appointment at 5:30pm and the likelihood of me getting back from work in time to do the workout before the appointment was slim (i.e. None) so I set my alarm for 5am to do them before I left the house at 6:30am. I get up with the alarm and put my workout stuff on (I’m not awake so the fact that it’s on the right way round is a success!) however on the way to the basement I have to pass our puppies crate… she wakes up… seriously who could walk pass this cutie!

Thursday it is then…

Rock bottom (at least that’s what I hope it is!) has officially been reached with the introduction of not only ‘aeroplane push-ups’ but also ‘side planks’ even the spider planks involve a partial push-up!!!

To say I struggle is a mahoosive understatement!

I manage two cycles with 10 out of the 24 aeroplane push-ups (and by push-up I mean dip-down) and 10 out of the 40 side planks…

This is the part where I need a moment to have a little weep… I find myself saying I can’t do it… And I really believe that…

But that’s when I think of my granddad whose favourite phrase was “there’s no such word as can’t”. Grammatically he is completely correct. 

I know that most struggles can be overcome with positive thoughts (admittedly not the easiest thing to master) but it is right, if you believe you can’t do something you won’t. 

My favourite poem is by Roger McGough and I memorised it as a teenager, I often think of it to help me ground myself, it’s called ‘missed’:

Out of work,
Usually pissed,
He aimed low in life,
And missed.

The motto being – aim for the highest and if you miss you still end up somewhere pretty good 😊

I decide not to skip a day but to shift a day and only have one day off at the weekend, after all if I keep trying I will get better!

Thursday Friday – Cardio day!

I’m quite looking forward to this, my book ‘The Elementals’ is getting interesting! 

I decide to do ‘as much as I can’ then work on seeing if I can get better at push-ups, I do 30 minutes of fast walking (4mph) with the occasional jog and then spend 10 minutes trying to teach my body to do push-ups, it’s not a resounding success but I think I’m getting better…

The filter system in our pool (we rent, it’s pretty cool and I’m going to miss it big time when we go back to the U.K.!) has been fixed today which means that although it’s a tad chilly (it’s not heated so it’s around 24 degrees C) it’s the best feeling ever to jump in when you’re extremely hot and sweaty!! I feel 100% better 😊

Friday Saturday – power-up!!!! 

Yey I’ve made it! Ok I’m a day late, but I made it!! 

I’m extremely happy and I manage to do the whole routine (minus a box for the jumps) – twice as instructed! 

I have also joined the ‘yogaclubchallenge’ which involves doing a set yoga pose every day for a week, hopefully it will inspire me and help with my core muscles… puppy Nya has decided that it looks fun…

Have a great week and here’s to carrying on regardless!! 

10 thoughts on “Bodyboss - cycle 3, week 8 – still with a wall but I’m trying to scale it!!

  1. This workout plan is no joke! I commented here a few weeks back, saying how your journey with body boss inspired me to start. Well, here I am, at week three of pre-training, and it’s SO HARD! I’m still not able to complete more than 15 half push-ups in a row, even less half burpees. But it is fun in a strange way.

    I felt compelled to write back tonight after reading about yoga with Adriene. I’ve been practicing her videos for a few years now and absolutely love her!

    Keep it up, I’m cheering for you to get past this wall!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I’m hoping to get past it too! It is strangely fun as well as being really hard… keep trying the push-ups and half burpees, I know I still can’t do the full push-up (yet!) but it’s amazing how you improve almost without realising it! It took me a while to crack the half burpee it just suddenly came to me in one of the workouts – gave myself quite a surprise!
      You’re doing really well, remember to take photos when they say to in the plan, that’s the time when you look back and really see the change! 😊


  2. Love your blog! I’ve been considering trying the bodyboss and I think you have really convinced me to take the plunge. Keep up the good work 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! I’m glad you like the blog, it’s certainly worked in keeping me motivated 😊 Let me know how you get on, it’s tough but it’s also fun and it certainly works!!


  3. Suuuuuuu! Can you believe you’ve already been doing BodyBoss for 12 weeks?! Only 4 more weeks to go. You’ve got this!!! I’m still plodding on behind you, in week 3 of the main program 😉 And, oh man, arms/abs/core day last week messed me up; I’m scared for tomorrow’s session, heh heh. Also, your puppy is indeed quite adorable ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know I can hardly believe it myself! I’m feeling so much stronger 😊 well done for keeping going too, the arms day is always a killer!! Before you know it you’ll be like me and looking for another 12week program to keep everything topped up! I’m thinking yoga… I’m doing a five day challenge at the moment (I will blog) and I actually attempted a headstand yesterday- without the strength from bodyboss there would have been no way I would have even tried it!!


      1. I just saw!! Wow, don’t think I could do that Bakasana or Sirsasana! O.O Survived my Wednesday workout, but ow my abs! XD

        Liked by 1 person

      2. To be honest there’s no way I could have even attempted them without the bodyboss program, I may not have held the positions for long (10 nano seconds at best) but I tried them and with a bit of practice I can hold them for longer! Wednesday’s are most definitely killer days, don’t give up though! These last few weeks have been really tough as it’s stepped up one heck of a notch, however now I’m almost through my wall I’m really noticing a difference! Keep going 😊 X


  4. I came here because I just started this exact week today…and it was brutal. I only did two cycles instead of three. I’m wondering…is it better to modify exercises and not do them with complete perfect form but still finish them…or do them with perfect form and only do as many as I can do.

    I seriously reconsidered going back to the beginning of the program after today ha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally know where you’re coming from!! I tried to do the exercises properly and not do all the reps, i found myself running out of time, i still can’t manage push-ups so there was some moderation done. Stick with it though as you’ll be surprised how much stronger you get without realizing! 😊


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