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Cycle 3 – week 7…. the wall!!

Ok I knew this day would come… 

Whether it’s because we’ve come back from our marvelous mini break and courtesy of some amazing food and drink I’m feel I’ve put on a vast quantity of weight (I don’t possess scales, quite deliberately!) or whether we did so much walking – at least 5 miles a day! On balance I’m sure it’s the later… maybe… 

Monday – legs and booty, normally my favourite day… normally…

Anyway I look at Monday and realise we’ve stepped up a gear and my legs don’t appear to be co-operating!

I mean seriously look at this! – 

8 minutes!!!! Three times!!! 

And have you seen the height of that box!! I’m over forty, I’m a lot stronger than I used to be but still overweight and jumping has always been a struggle. 

As I don’t have a box I take a look at my bench… it looks about the same height as the box in the picture… I try to jump on it just to see… it’s not pretty, I hit my head on the low ceiling and nearly fall off, I decide that I can probably step up and down in reasonable safety but I’m not 100% convinced… 

Ok, health and safety checks complete I start… 

Walking lunges (with knee lifts) are brutal, followed by glute lunges and my legs are having none of it! 

I manage 30 reverse butterfly kicks and by now I’m dripping with sweat, Plank leg lifts are ok – by now ok means ‘omg my legs are on fire!’ I swap the running step ups for high knees due to the lack of a step… I manage 30.

Side kicks – done, but I think I may throw up.

I try the step ups onto the bench instead of box jumps but I’m so unsteady I do 10 before fearing for my life (aka face planting the wall) and moving to skipping… I’m so pleased my brother bought me a skipping rope for my birthday, not! 

I rest for three minutes and attempt it all again… the wall is hit, my legs don’t work, I don’t do the final set… I’m so glad tomorrow’s Tuesday!

Tuesday – yoga day, yey!!!! 

My husband wants to try a ‘do yoga with me’ video focusing on backs – my husband has a bad back and his chiropractor has said yoga can help.

I think I may have broken my wonderful husband… the intermediate class may be too much… don’t worry he’s fine, at least he is now! 

We’ve agreed to focus on balance next week! 

Wednesday – arms, abs and core.

Ok, other than it’s 3 lots of 8 minutes it doesn’t look too bad… ish…

Wrong again!!

Bench hops are ok although I don’t jump as high as the picture, I do jump though.

Leg lifts – the only way I can do these without my back arching is to put my hands under my bottom… I’m assuming this is ok, I check – it is. Chuffing hard still!

Point planks, I can do two in a plank the other four I’m on my knees, my balance really does need improving…

Push ups – I do the requisite number but they’re more dip downs than push ups!

And now another wall moment…

Side planks… I mean really how on earth do these work!! I can’t seem to get my body to do these, I struggle to do 10 out of the 40 and that’s a miracle! 

Butterfly kicks – sounds good so far – add a clap under the leg, yep there it is upping the ante… good grief they’re hard!!!

Bent over reverse flys, I do them with 1lb weights – they suggest 2-4 thankfully I don’t possess anything heavier and I have no intention of rectifying the situation! Squat cross jumps… I literally have zero energy… the 8 minutes has taken 9.5…

Repeat, twice… errr nope – I manage one more repeat.

Thursday – cardio

I now think this is my second favourite day after this week! 40 minutes of fast walking with the occasional run on Satan listening to my book – it’s getting quite good! It certainly takes my mind off the actual exercise!! 

Power Up Friday!

Box jumps, leg lifts, squat cross jumps and push ups… 6 minutes, twice…

Thank goodness this week is over, I have more than struggled, it’s the first time I’ve thought of giving up.

The exercises have stepped up considerably and I’m not sure how I can cope, I can do a cut down version and I’m certainly working I just don’t seem to be able to push myself enough to complete the sets in the time available…

I’m going to continue but I may need to go back a few weeks and I’m certainly coming to the conclusion that things would be easier if I dropped a few pounds… 

let’s see what next week brings…

7 thoughts on “Cycle 3 – week 7…. the wall!!

  1. Keep going Su, you can do it!! I think repeating week 7, or going back to repeat a previous week to help build up to the current exercises would be more than fine. Better that than quitting! And yeah box jumps are super scary! I took a class that included them before starting Body Boss and for the longest time I couldn’t get my mind to cooperate enough to make the attempt (tried to jump but my feet would stay firmly planted on the floor, haha). I just did step ups onto the bench for several weeks until finally in my last class I was able to make an actual jump attempt. Definitely didn’t manage the pace of the rest of the class, but I managed one or two. I’m scared to re-encounter them here in a few weeks, heh heh

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    1. Thank you!! I have the same issue, I look down at my feet and just don’t seem to be able to mentally make the jump!! The only hope is that I felt that way for the V sit-ups and one day they just happened – with a bit of luck the same will happen here 😊
      Well done for managing them in your class! I don’t think keeping up with other matters as much as keeping going and improving – I’m carrying on… I may end up repeating this set of three weeks but that’s ok as like you say it’s not giving up! Thank you so much for your support – it really is what keeps me going 😊


  2. I had to lie down after reading your latest blog as l was exhausted! You are doing so incredibly well my honeybunch, you cannot give up now! With you in thought if not body! Not to be outdone, l walked about 200 metres yesterday AND sat up in a chair for lunch!

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  3. SU!!! This is week 7 for me. Today (Monday) was BRUTAL, definitely the biggest step up in difficulty so far. Probably didn’t help that it was like 90 degrees outside (we went to the park in order to have a bench to jump on). Oh my gosh, just oh my gosh. Took us about 14 minutes for each cycle, but we made it through!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow!!!! Well done, you are amazing!! I never did find a bench (I admit I didn’t look as hard as I could have…) I think it always took me at least 9 minutes to complete the circuits, at lot longer when they did the step ups! You should be totally proud of yourselves you’re doing amazingly 😊 x


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