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Body Boss – cycle 2 week 6 – I’m still here and I’m now half way through the main program!!

Another week gone already, I really don’t know where the time is going it just seems to be getting faster and faster, remember when you were little and weekends were long adventures and summer holidays lasted literally forever? Not anymore!

I do have a theory about this… you knew I would!

It revolves around the the fact that time is relative.

For example when you’re four years old a week is 1 out of the 208 weeks that you have been alive, which is quite a long time relatively speaking. Whereas when you’re forty years old a week is 1 out of the 2080 weeks you have been alive therefore it’s a much smaller portion of you’re total existence which makes it appear to go faster… I hope I explained that ok? Let me know if not and I’ll try again, with pictures! 

Anyway, on with the week… this week is another ‘check your progress’ week – I hope I’ve made some! – It’s also another busy week for life in general, I could do with about another two hours a day…

Monday – legs and booty!

Starting with frog jumps… ok I can do these and either the basement is getting shorter or my jumps are getting longer, I still don’t like them though!

Side lunges are a positive break but to be followed immediately by squats with front kicks is a bit mean!

However my plank Jacks are amazing – I do thirty straight without stopping (I am puce in colour and dripping sweat but that is irrelevant) I am as happy as a barely breathing about to pass out thing, next stop half burpees… hmmm… in theory I need to do thirty, in reality after the plank Jacks I’m amazed I manage twenty.

Glute lifts and high knees with skips to finish, and I finish in seven minutes fifteen seconds – that’s a record!

Now I just have to repeat it all, twice.

Tuesday – yoga, this is now my favourite day… 

Dressed in my wonderful yoga outfit which makes me feel marvelous and with my husband who also makes my feel wonderful we ‘do yoga with me’ we’re repeating the balance class on the basis that I still can’t do the point plank… 

I am getting better, my half moon pose is now done balancing on a yoga block lying flat rather than on its end, without falling over!

Wednesday – arms, abs and core.

Surprisingly it’s not too bad, although despite the yoga I still can’t do point planks… I do it on my knees (that sounds so wrong! Lol!).

Also I’m not sure about the bench hops… my feet hop up but not higher than my head! I think I manage up to my knees… it’s higher than the floor though and I can’t speak by the time I finish – you can guess my colour!

Thursday – cardio day, also my wonderful husbands birthday!

Today my alarm is set for five am so I can do my cardio workout before work as we have an exciting weekend ahead (more on that later!) – and a meal tonight… unfortunately I simply can’t manage five am… it just doesn’t work for me… we elect to do present opening instead! Which is far better!

I rush home from work and do cardio (loving listening to my book!) before dropping our gorgeous puppy dog at the kennels and going out to a particularly lovely restaurant (Bistro Mediterranean in Westbrook Ct – if you’re ever in the area it is well worth stopping by!) – I do love my husband as I’ve not had time for a shower and I’m darned sure I do not look my best!! 

Friday – Power-up and results day… eeek!

Ok today I really do need to be up at five because we have to be at Bradley International Airport for 8:15am – we are going on a mystery weekend holiday, we have no idea where we’re going – on the basis that I’m more excited than an excited thing that’s just way too excited, I get up and power up at five am!!!

I don’t remember the power up session – I didn’t wake up fully until the cool down stretches…

Ok inches and photos…

On start, end of pre-training, end of week 3 and end of week 6… only the pictures are the other way round!

Ok I can actually see a difference!!! Inch wise Waist 36 inches, Hips 33 inches and Thighs 23.5 still…. I’m a little disappointed that I don’t see that much of an inch difference however I’m feeling so much better in myself and the pictures are definitely showing that my shape is changing! 

Roll on week 7!

However before then…. airport time!!!! Courtesy of the amazing travel agents Pack up and Go!

I will write a blog to let you know what happens next!!!! 

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