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Bodyboss – cycle 2, week 5!!

Well this is a mixed week, my gorgeous son has returned home to the U.K. which always makes me a little sad as I miss my kids loads out here… but the summer flights are booked for my son, daughter and adopted daughter (well not in reality but she’s treated as a daughter so that counts in my book!) which gives me loads to look forward to and to plan, they have a one week overlap when there’re all here at the same time and I’ve always wanted to visit Dollywood – not sure how they will feel about this, they’ll never read this so I won’t know till we get there! Yes I know, but they would never go if I told them and I’m 100% sure once we get there they’ll love it!

There are also other exciting things happening, it helps that I’m the sort of person that gets excited over the littlest of things, we had a HelloFresh box delivered – now the idea behind this is to eat healthier and to take the planning out of meal times – it’s also getting us out of a meal time rut (you know what I mean here, you have about seven recipes that you just keep doing because after work and workouts the last thing you want to do is think what to have for tea).

I have to say we’re both very impressed, especially my husband as he does most of the cooking – he’s very good and so I’m quite happy being in charge of baking bread etc. 

The food is delicious and the recipe cards are ace too and each day is in a convenient box that you can pull straight out of the fridge!

So on with the week!

Monday – legs and booty followed by Spanish style Cod with chickpeas!
I still dislike Mondays hugely, but I know it’s just until I get going – so I get going!

Today could be worse… I don’t know why but I do struggle with the jumping exercises, Ski Moguls should be quite easy – nope, but I do them!

Mountain Climbers are also tricky due to there still being more ‘me’ in the way, preventing my knee getting near my elbow… I’m hoping with the heathy eating (note Not dieting) this should improve!

We also have a breakthrough…. I feel there should be a drumroll here… I hold the two point plank for 10 seconds!!!!!!! I am mega happy with that – I’m also mega shaking! But I did it! 

Tea is five star delicious, I wouldn’t have put chickpeas as a main carbohydrate in a meal, I will now though – yummy!

Tuesday – yoga day, with YogaClub outfit! 

My husband has kept to his word and set up the TV in the basement so that I can watch the ‘doyogawithme’ class on a big screen – I have to say it’s better than squinting at the iPad, it’s very difficult to do yoga and wear glasses – one head down dog and they’ve fallen off!

He has also joined me for class – apparently this is not so that he has a good view of my improving booty but so that he can learn to stretch – I’m not so sure… I’m just happy that he enjoyed it 😊 

I do love my yoga outfit – just saying as I’ve had the same workout gear for over seven years and have always thought that as long as it served the purpose then it would do. However it does make you feel so much better when you look nice! 

Creamy chicken pasta for tea – yum!!!!!

Wednesday – arms, abs and core….

Oh these are still the worst… push-ups – I’m still doing them on my knees rather than toes and I simply just don’t get them, I try but I just don’t. I’ve asked my husband to show me how he does them, this doesn’t help – mind you that may be due to our fluff ball dog proceeding to jump on him which was highly amusing! Upshot is I can still only dip down about three inches, however it’s still better than nothing – I ‘press’ on (sorry!!).

What I also don’t get is why you would follow tricep dips (I can now do these – hurrah) with Plank Rotations? I mean my arms are just, well, ooooowwwww!!!!! I delicately decend to the floor! 40, 20 each side… I manage 10.

Turkey Burgers for tea – totes delish, I do love turkey burgers anyway but these were really good and the chips were really nice too!

Thursday – cardio

Thirty minutes of dedicated me and Satan time… is it weird that I think I prefer the circuits? Circuits are much harder! 

I am enjoying my audio book which makes the time go faster and I am now in a walk four minutes run one minute cycle, which is a massive improvement from when I started!

Soy marinated steak for tea – along with a sneaky glass of red…. simply heaven!

Power-up Friday!!!! = another week complete!

I had to pop to the doctors today, don’t panic – totally routine, but while I was there I asked them to weigh me… 174lbs fully clothed which means that without dieting, (and trust me I have a ‘healthy’ appetite!) I have lost seven pounds! 

However we have Ski Moguls and Plank Rotations on the power-up circuit… but, check this video out… I can do Plank Rotations!! (It may have something to do with not doing tricep dips beforehand…).

Right I now have ten minutes to make myself look like I’m not about to have a heart atack and head to the cinema – we’re seeing the latest Pirates of the Caribbean – you can’t beat a good dose of swashbuckling fun to start your weekend!

7 thoughts on “Bodyboss – cycle 2, week 5!!

  1. Awesome – I love your blog. I have just started Body Boss pre-training so your journey has been so encouraging to me. I am older and thought I would not be able to do it – as all their ads feature very very young and fit people. Keep up the fantastic work cannot wait to see how your journey ends… Love the quick videos…

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    1. I’m so glad you like the videos – I was a bit nervous about them at first! Let me know how you get on – it really does work but goodness it’s not easy! And don’t worry if you need to modify a few of the exercises at first, I don’t think I’ll ever get to do a ‘proper’ push-up but I’m chuffed at the progress i have made! X

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  2. Awesome job girl! Sticking to the plan is sooo hard (I struggle to study, stretch, or exercise on any sort of schedule)! Good luck. I’m ten pounds down since school ended for the summer but not making much progress in the last couple of weeks.

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    1. It really isn’t easy, but then if it was we’d all look like the adverts! Well done for losing ten pounds that’s great! The reason why I started blogging was to make sure I don’t quit – I know myself too well 😊 good luck for the rest of the summer and remember to be kind to yourself at the same time 😊

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  3. Congrats on another week done! Well, probably two weeks by now, assuming you’ve done your Friday power up already 🙂 This is supposed to my final week of pre-training, but I hurt my shoulder somehow last week (maybe doing pushups, which I don’t think I fully understand either, heh) so this week I’ve only been doing the exercises that don’t work the arms in order to let it rest. Now I’m not sure whether to move on to the main program or not *sniffle* But in any case, nice work! And glad your husband is doing the yoga with you, whatever his motivations may be 😉


  4. I love your blog, Su! I found it on fb, while scrolling through the comments for body boss. My sister started it, but she is thin and more fit. I’m 40 and 200+ lbs and I tried some of the exercises with her and found them to be doable for the most part but your blog really inspired me to try the program! Im going to try my best and I look forward to following you 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you like my blog – I’ve never blogged before but I knew I’d never finish the body Boss program on my own!! It’s certainly not easy and I seriously doubt I’ll ever do a proper push up – but then I thought that about the ‘v’ sit up and I can do them now (although I struggle with the amount of them you should do!) so there is hope 😊 stick with it, go at your own pace and you will definitely see the results! Good luck 😊


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