Body Boss

Body boss – week three!

Wow week three!! That means I have now been exercising five days a week for seven weeks – to say that’s an achievement is an understatement!!

Do I have a super fit body? No.

Am I fitting into my old clothes? No.

Do I feel fitter? Yes!

Will I keep going? Absolutely!!

This week is the next photo check point. I’m dreading this one as although I feel loads better and my shape is changing (the overhang on my lower tummy is very noticeably less – possibly more information than you need…) I do think that if I want to fit into my old clothes I may actually have to bite the bullet and diet… I know, I know, I have always vowed not to diet but I’m starting to think that I need to kick start me into the right place and that looks like it may involve a form of diet.

Naturally I don’t mean starve myself, I need plenty of energy to cope with these exercises! But more of an ‘eating healthier’ plan, cut out the pitta chips and avoid the office doughnuts sort of thing… or actually following the Body Boss instructions and avoid processed food – I’m not going down the avoid alcohol road though, these health things need to be done in moderation and a glass of wine on a Friday and Saturday (ok and maybe Thursday) are the things that keep me marginally sane.

My son is home at the end of this week, did he notice a difference? No – but then he is a boy and they’re not exactly known for their observational skills. 

So week three – bring it on!!


Totally love the leg and glute days! Apart from frog jumps, I’m not keen on frog jumps… my basement is six frog jumps long however the low ceiling may become an issue when I get better at them!


Please be yoga, please be yoga…. yes it’s not a challenge day, yoga it is!!

I’ve discovered a really cool looking yoga site that I want to try out called ‘do yoga with me’ it’s got a beginners video called ‘better balance’ with Melissa Krieger – after last week I figure I need this…

Oh my that was really difficult – half moons need some serious balance – but so good! 

I love the way the program flows and the half hour went so quickly! I feel balanced, calm and genuinely really good ๐Ÿ˜Š I will do that one again, I may even persuade my husband to join me next week.


Oh dear Arms, Abs and Core day…

Push ups on an incline – still not good with these, I don’t think I’ve improved since the last time, only three inch dips… better than one though and I still have a horrid cough thanks to tree allergies so once that goes I may get better?

Butterfly kicks – can totally do these!

V sit-ups – not balancing in between the sit-ups but I can do v sit-ups! Ok not 25 of them but I’m up to 15!!! 

Down Dog V Press – hmmm I’m not totally sure I’m doing these right… help required – please! 


Mountain Climbers – I like these, even though my knee doesn’t get near my elbow due to my tummy getting in the way!

Shoulder Fly – these should be easy, I’ve only got one pound weights! However thanks to all the previous exercises my goodness these hurt!!!!!

Sumo Squats – compared to the previous exercises these are positively nice…


Cardio day! I’m liking cardio days, fast walking and the occasional jog (I know this is getting to be a habit!) while listening to my latest book on audible, at the moment it’s ‘The Elementals’ by Michael McDowell, I like reading lots of different novels in all genres, this is a really slow moving book which fits in with the southern setting and well written, I’m intrigued to know where it’s heading… subsequently twenty minutes fly by!

Power Up Friday!:

Yes I’ve made it to the end of another week! Oh no, Down Dog V Press and Frog Jumps… I have a feeling I’m not going to manage too many reps… I needn’t have worried – this week we have to do it twice!! Eeek!

Picture times – more of the reckoning.

Ok these are from week zero, week four of pre-training and this week. In that order. Lets see how this goes – fingers crossed…



Well I’ll be! I really don’t notice the difference on a day to day basis but the photos do seem to prove that it’s working! 

I’m really, really chuffed – I couldn’t see the change until I posted the pictures side by side on here… it’s certainly an incentive to keep going!

Inches result: hmmmm no inch change in the last three weeks but then I do think I’m changing in other areas so let’s see what happens if I watch what I eat for the next few weeks…

Cycle Two – Step Up next… not sure about the step up bit but bring it on!

2 thoughts on “Body boss – week three!

  1. Excellent work, I can totally see the difference!!! Yeah, I don’t really understand the Dog Down V Press either, though I haven’t actually had to do them yet.

    Keep it up and looking forward to seeing your week four post! ๐Ÿ™‚


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