Body Boss

Body boss – week two!! 

Pain is temporary – quitting is forever! 

I’m so impressed with myself for sticking with the program! Normally I would’ve given up by now… it helps that I’m just exercising and not throwing in the added stress of dieting – it does say at the beginning of the book to avoid stress, this is the one piece of advice I intend to follow!

However I may need to review this as the exercises aren’t getting any easier….

This is a big week for me as not only is it my birthday week, (after a certain age you get a birthday week rather than a day, this increases incrementally until you are in a permanent state of celebration – this should be timed to coincide with retirement so that you don’t get sacked for coming into work hungover, it takes a lot of careful planning and practice) but it is also the K2B back in my home town. 

If you’ve never heard of the K2B, google it, it is the best organised endurance event ever! 42 miles through the Lake District in the U.K. in one day. It was inspired by Kennedy I believe (and my American followers please correct me if I’ve got the wrong president!) who said that every man should be able to walk 50 miles in a day, this was told to one of the shipbuilders by the U.K. Navy who then threw the gauntlet down and so every year since 1967 the Royal Navy has challenged the shipyard in Barrow in Furness to a 42 mile race over the mountains of the Lake District, 51 years later and several thousand people take part, raising hundreds of thousands of pound for charities, it’s an amazing feeling to take part and it is run by a team of volunteers who are quite simply remarkable.

I’m going to really miss taking part, but I’ll be back!

Anyway this is a diversion – a bit like my tactics when I get home from work to delay going into the basement…

Week Two!! Day 1 – Monday

Today is totally do’able! Only one exercise I’ve not done yet – a 2 Point Plank, looks like a cinch!

Ok…. I really should know by now what looks easy usually isn’t… balancing doesn’t seem to be my strong point… 

However I have run two minutes of my four minutes warm up (Satan and I are positively buddies!) and completed the circuits – I can’t do them in seven minutes yet, but it now only takes about eight and a half so getting better! We’ll gloss over the 2 Point Plank fiasco…. 

Three circuits, one warm up and one cool down – tick 😊 according to my wonderful husband I still look mostly dead.

Day 2 – Tuesday

Yey it’s yoga day!! Oh wait, nope, apparently its challenge day, rats…

Well it’s the same horrendous challenge as in week two of the pre-training with the main difference that I can now do the half burpees, I can sort of do ‘v’ sit ups, (but not 24 of them!) and I can still only bob down about 3 inches on the push-ups…

But…. drum roll please…. I have cut a full 50 seconds off my time!!! Get in!!! 

Day 3 – Wednesday 

Arms, abs and core day – my worst day, I literally have zero upper body strength and my beautiful children have destroyed whatever stomach muscles I had fifteen to twenty years ago….

But you have to dig deep and trust that things will get better, and to be fair they usually do, so here we go:

Side Jacks – tick

Push-ups – sort of tick

Ab Bikes – totally nailed

Tricep Dips – ouch but tick

Plank Rotations – wtf!!! 

Balance wasn’t my strong point when it was opposing arm and leg in the air, rotating and putting your arm in the air?? By the end of the three circuits I can do ten (out of forty) I guess that’s ten more than none?

Bicep curls with shoulder press – tick, but to be fair these go in a haze – I’m still figuring out how on earth I do a plank rotation!

Side Shuffles – tick

Cool down, I love these stretches SO much!!!

Day 4 – Thursday 

I hate to say this but it’s the first day I’ve missed… I feel ridiculously guilty but I appear to be allergic to tree pollen, I’ve never been allergic to anything before, and I literally can’t breathe! Off to get antihistamine tablets… they’d better work!! Any suggestions for anything better will be most appreciated!

Day 5 – Power Up Friday!!

Antihistamines are kicking in, apart for the occasional coughing fit I’m good to go!

I may only have done four rotations but get me – I can do 12 ‘v’ sit ups!!!!

Week 2 done!! 

Do I feel better? Yes actually I do, I feel stronger and I really do think I can do this! 

Now where’s that champagne and birthday cake….

4 thoughts on “Body boss – week two!! 

  1. Starting the pre-program today myself. Just found your blog and I found it very interesting/encouraging. Keep up the good work. And happy birthday week! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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