Body Boss

Body boss – week one of the program!!

My favourite quote of the book – ‘don’t look back – you’re not going that way’ that’s a really good quote, I like it!

So on with the program proper…

Monday’s are always the hardest, you get two days off, I’m back at work and after ten hours in the office and a one hour round trip commute it’s 6pm and the last thing I want to do is to go into the basement for the four minute warm up on Satan let along the actual workout!

However this is where my cunning plan regarding this blog comes into play… you see now that I have ‘followers’ i.e. not just my husband, I have to continue the story and to continue the story I have to do the workout, therefore I can’t just give up, cook tea and have a glass of wine – I really do know myself too well!!


Sumo squats, walking lunges, high knees, glute kickbacks, side jacks, glute bridges and glute lunges – all totally doable exercises, thank goodness! I am a happy bunny 😄

Then I read the small print… instead of doing the circuit twice we now do it three times… hmmm… I still can’t do each circuit in seven minutes but it’s now down to eight and a half so getting better.

I totally nail the workout! Feeling chuffed I head up to have tea (my rather wonderful husband has cooked) the comment I’m greeted with is “it must be getting harder, you’re back to looking mostly dead – you only looked half dead last week” it’s a good job I love him so much!


Yoga day – having learnt from last weeks attempt at an intermediate level class, I google a beginner level video to do… seven poses held for five or more minutes each – sounds easy doesn’t it? 

It probably would be easy if my thighs weren’t so sore from yesterday’s lunges!! 

I pretend to enjoy it and breathe as instructed, I may look for a different gentle exercise for next week… like controlled napping…


Oh my word, three out of the seven exercises on today’s workout are on my ‘how on earth can anybody do that’ list and I have to do them all three times!

Still I have a blog to write and I do need to get fit so here goes…

Push ups – ok I’m dipping down about three inches, I reckon that counts.

Ankle taps – these are new, look easy! Ah, no, not quite as easy as they look in the book… I think the woman in the book must have very long arms! 

Superman – well there’s a surprise, it appears I can now do the Superman!! No idea how, but I can! Yey me!!

Plank Jacks – I actually like these, I can do them quickly which gets the circuit time down. Good grief I’m sounding like someone who enjoys working out – that’s not happened before!

V Sit-ups – wow I actually managed five!! Ok I can’t ‘hover’ between each sit-up, I kind of collapse down on the mat however I never thought I could get into the V position in the first place so I’m positively chuffed! Proof that I must be getting stronger!! I do the remaining twenty as ordinary sit-ups… the time for my circuit has gone to pot – these things take a lot of time and effort!

The last two, shoulder fly and side shuffles are in my comfort zone so that’s a relief!

By the end of three circuits my arms are killing me and apparently I still look mostly dead… but I also managed three minutes walking and a minute running on Satan for the warm up and cool down – I’m starting to feel pretty good!


Cardio day – thankfully this hasn’t been increased and I manage two sets of eight minutes walking, two minutes running on Satan with my warm up and cool down stretches I am ready for the power-up Friday session!


Power-up!! Last push for the end of week one! Oh goodness V Sit-ups… I manage six and then six normal sit-ups, ok it’s not the full twelve but it’s one better than Wednesday!

Thanks to the V sit-ups I only manage three rotations in the allotted six minutes – these things aren’t easy you know, but then if you want results I guess you have to work for it…

Dare I say it but I’m quite looking forward to week two… but then I’ve not read ahead… 

5 thoughts on “Body boss – week one of the program!!

  1. I am now so jealous , Yesterday I managed 3 GetUps from a lying down position plus 2 from the loo !
    Joking aside can now bend left foot nearly half that of right so getting better. Still having problem with turning over in bed as lying on left side only possible for a few minutes. Luckily my super husband (aren’t you and l lucky !) Keeps my spirits up while l try to keep my weight down. Stuck at 9 kilos lost for over a week now, but still no exercise. Grr!


  2. I just finished week 4 of the pre-training. I’ve definitely seen improvement in my strength and endurance. I’m enjoying your blog, keep up he good work! Looks like it’s paying off .

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  3. Hey Su,

    I noticed some time has passed since you made the bodyboss review. Do you still follow it? Do you think more women should do the bodyboss method, or do you think there are better alternatives out there?

    I found a negative review that said as much: So I’m trying to get more opinions. I don’t want to purchase if this isn’t the best guide to help me lose my baby weight.



    1. Hi Sarah,
      Personally I found it brilliant! I like the fact that it told me exactly what to do each day, that said everyone is different and that may not work for some!
      I didn’t do the meal plan and although I have occasionally gone back to it for the odd day I have now moved onto different workouts using kettlebells (don’t ask!!).
      What the program did do was get me into the routine of exercising 5 days a week without fail and I find I still do that!
      I don’t know what the cost of the program is now but if it’s under $100 I would go for it!


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