Body Boss

Body Boss – the final day of pre-training!! Aka ‘The Reckoning’

Well this is it, the final day of pre-training! 

And it’s a Friday ‘power up’ day – these are fab, mainly because it’s just one set of four exercises done repeatedly for 6 minutes and I can totally do that!

I can usually manage 3 sets in the allotted time which nearly kills me but it’s a limited time so I concentrate on that and go for it!!

This week they’re ending the pre-training on a total killer to include Plank Jacks and the dreaded Russian Twist… but I can do this it’s only 6 minutes…

Warm up with Satan included not only walking for 3 minutes at 4 miles an hour but jogging for 1 minute too, I know! This is becoming a habit! I would say next week I’ll attempt a run but let’s not push it…

I have totally nailed the circuit – 5 times! That’s a record and I’m totally buzzing!  I even did the Russian Twist!! Ok my feet weren’t in line with my knees like the woman in the picture, mine were about 3 inches off the floor (1 inch by the fifth round) but they were none the less off the ground and that ladies and gentlemen is a bona fide success!!

I have to say I thought there might be a leak in the kitchen, but no apparently I was dripping sweat onto my yoga mat… and that’s with only 6 minutes of full on exercise!

Ok so now it’s time to track some progress – now bear in mind I’ve not been dieting and we’ve had Mother’s Day (U.K.) and Easter not to mention a weekend away… 

  • Waist – was 38 inches, now…. 36.5 inches – whoo hoo!!
  • Hips – were 44 inches, now… 43 inches – not too shabby!
  • Thighs – were 23.5 inches, now… 23.5 inches – I never understood this measurement and there are a lot of lunges, to be honest I’m surprised they’re not bigger!
  • Weight – we’ll have to wait until I’m next at the doctors for a checkup as I don’t possess any bathroom scales – it gets too depressing so I binned them… should have an update by the end of May…

Next the dreaded before and after photos – I hope I can see a difference…

Before.                                                    After.

Before.                                After.

Before.                               After.

I think there is a definite improvement! I’m genuinely looking forward to the main program!!

To celebrate I did a little clothes shopping to treat myself, went to my favourite shop J Jill – really classic style clothes and so friendly.

Now I know I’m doing well but I also know that I still can’t fit into my U.K. Size 14 jeans so when the manager recognised me (something to do with being an eccentric british woman in America – not easy to forget! Many have tried!) and said she thought I’d lost weight I was very flattered, she then suggested I try a size small for my tops!! 

When I finished laughing I agreed and I nearly fell over when I discovered that they fitted perfectly – now I am smart enough to know that their sizes are very generous and that it’s a marketing gimmick to get women to buy clothes thinking they are smaller than they are. This is not something that I condone.

However 3 tops, 2 cardigans, a pair of trousers and a scarf (it was a very pretty colour) later… well there was a sale and the clothes do look really nice…

Roll on the full program and the next 12 weeks!! 😆

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