Body Boss

Body boss – pre-training week 4… the last week of pre-training!!! Days 1 to 3 we’re into real time now!!

Right this is it the very last week of pre-training and we’re into real time blogging!

I have to say this week is tough, after a lovely Easter break from work going back for a full day on Monday meant motivation was not high to go down into the basement and work out after work… what I really wanted was a nice cup of tea and to finish off my Easter Egg – I have mentioned that I’m categorically not dieting haven’t I? And anyway chocolate is a bean which is practically a vegetable and therefore one of my ‘five a day’ not to mention the calcium and iron it contains, (yes I am aware there is more iron in dark chocolate and not much at that – but it is there!).

But I can’t let my blog down so into the basement I go… 


Despite being tired I give it my all!

I’ve invested a whole $39.95 in a little speaker for the basement so there’s now some tunes to keep me motivated! I really do need to work on a playlist though, putting it on ‘shuffle’ proves how random my music taste is, I went from AC/DC to Kate Rusby to INXS to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy followed by some Beatles! I kept losing count of the reps whilst singing along…

However I surpassed myself in the Plank Jack round – I can totally do those! 

Still can’t figure out how to do a ‘Superman’…


Try a little Yoga day – I used to do a lot of Yoga back in the day, I loved it. 

I head to google to find a free video to do and rekindle my love of Yoga, I figure I’m definitely at intermediate level.


What happened to lovely stretches and relaxing?? 

Ok I remember how to do warrior poses one to three – these I can do – but what is this? Sit down, hug your knees, keeping knees bent stretch your legs out so your in a ‘V’ shape, lean to touch one side… sound familiar? It’s a slow motion Russian Twist!! I fall gently to side with a delicate thud!

We then move into a bridge – I used to pride myself on these… note the phrase ‘used to’…

We then get to some lovely stretches, my stomach gets in the way far more than it used to.

I think I’ll do a beginner video next week…

Wednesday = today!

It’s a good job I don’t look ahead.

Push-ups, half burpees and leg lifts to contend with…

However my little speaker is set up and I’m ready to go!

As you can see round one takes slightly more than seven minutes…

I have major issues with push-ups however I am dipping down more than I could at first, any advice on how to get better would be great!

Hopefully this will illustrate my point…

I have completed Wednesday, tomorrow I will be posting everyday as it happens, I’m on a roll!!

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