Body Boss

Body boss - pre-training week 4 day 4!

Cardio day!! 

I’ve got to quite enjoy cardio day, I get to spend quality time with Satan…

Today was not as nice as normal as I had three fillings earlier this afternoon which made drinking my water a little ‘interesting’.

I have to say, and may need to start a ‘life in the states blog’ to include this – I’m really really impressed with my dentist out here, she did an amazing job, the level of service and just how much she obviously enjoyed her job was brilliant! And her dental assistant was equally lovely, I’m actually looking forward to going back for a polish!

Back to Cardio day…

20 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of stretching, 5 minutes to start and 5 to cool down – did I mention that I love the stretching… it is my favourite bit, I can even balance on the glute stretch without having to hold the wall!!

Today I actually managed 8 minutes walking at 4 miles an hour followed by 2 minutes jogging – yes, you heard me right – another 8 minutes walking and another 2 minutes jogging!!

Me, jogging, that’s practically running and I’ve not managed that in about two years! 

I don’t know if I’m any smaller (that’ll be the lack of dieting) but I am definitely getting fitter. 

You never know I may try the actual program next week after all… 

Tomorrow is photo day to compare with week one, fingers crossed there’s a difference!

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