Body Boss

Body boss – pre-training week 3!

Whoo hoo! This week my book arrived – very exciting!! I really need to get out more….

But in all seriousness I do love a proper book, that and we went away for a family long weekend so I wanted to take the book so that I didn’t miss out on Mondays workout if they was no wifi… thankfully there was wifi, two teenagers and no wifi is just too awful to contemplate as far as they’re concerned.

Another advantage of a book is not having to keep tapping the screen on my iPad to keep the screen on – although smallest child did point out that I can change the settings so that it doesn’t automatically lock, naturally I pretended to already know this and quoted ‘battery saving’ as the reason why I hadn’t. Screen settings have now been adjusted, we’ll keep that between us – they’ll never read this, a blogging Mum is way too embarrassing!

So on with the pre-training:


Firstly thank goodness it’s not raining! Our little holiday cottage is just that – very, very little, great for bedrooms and sitting room but no space for exercises so it’s out into the garden I go – sorry neighbours…

I have to say, and I never thought these words would come out of my mouth but I miss Satan, I can fast walk and he keeps the time. Here I’ve no idea how long four minutes is (other than longer than you think) so I elect to run round the lawn fifteen times, I’m pretty sure it was under four minutes – probably nearer two – but I’m out of breath so it must be ok 😊

Today was pretty good – I found a small wall about hip height, much easier to do tricep dips on that i.e. I could do all 25, with a little good grief moment half way through!

I feel pretty good!


Half an hour of light exercise, perfect! We’re staying in Niagara on the Lake which is so pretty therefore an hours stroll through the town and along the lake is lovely, we even found a Melville street! 

And the bonus… we were going for a walk anyway!! It’s a win win😎

Lovely day out.

However back to reality and…


Oh my goodness a day with three impossible exercises, I am not looking forward to this!

First push-ups, ok I’m still struggling but… I can dip down about three inches – this is an improvement!

Half burpees – first circuit and the last five I realize that if I do a little bounce I can kick back instead of stepping back, second circuit and I can totally do half burpees!!!! Buzzing!!!

Russian Twists – well two out three ain’t bad… 


Cardio for twenty minutes. You know I said earlier that I missed Satan… not any more!

However I seem to be improving, I can walk at four miles an hour and I even jogged for two minutes – naturally I can’t speak.

I am genuinely impressed that I can see a definite improvement in my stamina and general fitness level, dare I say it but I am enjoying this!


Power it up!! 

But I do need to bear in mind my basement does not have a high ceiling… Sumo Squat Jumps took out a ceiling tile – oops!

Also when you wear glasses and get sweaty your glasses fall off! 

One more week of pre-training before the ‘real’ program… I’m actually looking forward to it, i didn’t expect that…

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