Body Boss

Body boss – pre-training week 1, and so it begins!

My book took two weeks to arrive so I started on the online version, patience has never been a strong point of mine!

The next two blogs are catch-up we are then into realtime!!

First of all it gives you the reason why the method works – quite good common sense, so far so good.

I must point out that this is solely an exercise program (apparently a nutrition guide is following) I personally am very pleased I got to this before the nutritional guide has been published – I’m not a dieter. When I’m on a diet I end up eating more things I shouldn’t than I do normally!

It does have very sensible pointers for optimising your results:

  • Eliminate zero nutrition foods – now this I can sort of cope with, sort of, I don’t drink fizzy drinks and eat that much refined sugar anyway. However if I want a slice of cake or piece of chocolate I will have one.
  • Stress less – everyone should follow this regardless!
  • Cut out toxic drinks – hmmmm I think g&t and the occasional wine sits in the category above and are therefore allowed.
  • Stay hydrated – see above, I’m liking this program! 
  • There are more…

The book does have a four week pre-training program, there is a checklist to see if you should do this… I should, possibly twice…

Ok now I have to record my goals, measure myself and take a photo (yes a photo!).

My goals are:

  1. For my waist to be less than my inside leg – thankfully I have long legs for my height!
  2. To be able to do a push-up – this may extend to other exercises once I start the program.
  3. To fit into the clothes I brought with me to the states – it’s not called the 20lb assignment for nothing, I thought they were joking, apparently not…

My measurements (this is reality and if I’m going to do this you all may as well know):

  1. Waist 38inches – I cried a little, I may have long legs but they’re not that long!!
  2. Hips 44inches – I guess that’s the cake, cheese, wine, the list goes on…
  3. Thighs 23.5inches – I have no idea why thighs are on the list?

Photo, and for this I truly am sorry:

Right let’s get going!

I will confess to owning a running machine, I have never ‘run’ on it, it’s name is Satan and it lives in the basement… I have decided that this shall be my base until I have the confidence to do this outside!

Meet Satan:

I also have a yoga mat and two of the smallest weights I could find, this is my setup!

So far in week one of the pre-training I have discovered that walking at 3.8 miles an hour on Satan for 4 minutes more than just warms me up – I’m a delicate shade of puce – I do love the stretches they bring back memories of when I was fit and could see my toes!

The actual workout may only be seven minutes with a break and then another seven minutes but I seriously thought I’d die!!

I have added ‘leg lifts’ and ‘tricep dips’ to the exercises I can’t do… yet!

By the end of the week I can feel my stomach muscles! This is good, I wasn’t sure they existed anymore – you can’t see them but trust me I can feel them!

I also can’t do ‘Russian twists’ I simply don’t balance like that…

I can nearly do a ‘half burpee’ I can jump forward (ish) but have to step back, it’s a start though!

Weekend off – week two next!

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