Body Boss

Body Boss!

Ok this is my latest ‘thing’…

I’m on Facebook scrolling through the usual and I keep on seeing the advert for a new fittness regime that doesn’t involve a gym, I’m intrigued, (my experience of gyms has been at best hit and miss and on balance I’d rather miss).

Now I’m no sucker (well maybe a little bit) so I find myself scrolling through the comments – there are hundreds! – I am quite taken by all the negativity, to be fair there’s an awful lot of that about, the main points being:

  • They’re only using fit young things to promote the program.
  • It doesn’t just take the 21 minutes three times a week to get the results.

My observation:

  • Would you buy into the program in order to look the way you do now? – I’m betting not.
  • To be fair to look that good takes a huge amount of effort, not to mention a time machine  – that’s why most of us don’t – it does clarify that if you add in the warm up and cool down it’s 20 minutes longer later, but yes agreed they could be clearer.

Now bear in mind I’m well over forty, haven’t seriously exercised since having kids 20 years ago, am a good couple of stone overweight, have recently moved to the states (I love cheese, but spray cheese – seriously?)  and sit at a computer all day… I figured I should give it a go and show everyone out there the reality of getting fit without a gym and against all odds!

I ordered the book…

p.s. I am of an age where I love the fact that it’s an actual book – who knows there may actually be places where you can’t get internet of charging stations…


2 thoughts on “Body Boss!

  1. And you are not going to share the name of the book? I think we need to motivate you further by you telling us not only what page you are on but how described exercise is going 🤣✌🏻

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