Background stuff

A little bit of background…

Hi there!

So you’re on my blog page, but why?

A little bit about me, just to give you an idea of where my thoughts originate from, just the short version as it could take some time and you’ll know doubt get bored and read something else instead…

I’m a forty something year old who gets bored easy (that’s why I know to keep this short(ish!)).

When I was growing up I wanted to be either a musician, an actress or a long distance lorry driver – turns out I was better at accountancy and IT, although my kids may dispute the IT element!

I’m happily married living for a time in the USofA – this may well feature in a blog at some point, I mean who would’ve thought there were things such as ‘toss pillows’ that amused me for weeks! – with my wonderful husband and adorable puppy, the kids come and visit in holidays and drain finances quicker than when they lived at home – which is quite an achievement!

So what are my musings?

Well they are many and varied!

In my spare time I paint and record voice overs – living in the US with a British accent has its advantages! But I also like to chat about all sorts of things… let me take you on my journey… one things for sure if the past is anything to go by it’s not going to be boring!

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